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February 24, 2012

Are you playing nicely on LinkedIn? Recruiters are watching…

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 There’s increasing data on the fact that social media is playing a greater role in recruitment. I received just today, via twitter @shawnlyndon a link to the “2011 US Source of Hire Data” * Everywhere you look HR people and firms are talking about the upsurge.  Given that LinkedIn is a major player in the professional social media world, and again, an ever increasing beast, it is continuing to prove itself as the place to be, to get a look in for prospective jobs and clients.

This got me wondering whether recruiters just look at your profile or whether they do a little more digging around in your updates.  If they’re checking your facebook, surely they’d be looking at your activity elsewhere?

There are endless articles on how to present yourself and how to use social media to your advantage. What I haven’t seen discussed though (and serious discussion needs to be had) is the behaviour of people in discussion boards and forums and the content they place on them.

Typographical and/or spelling errors are rampant, even taking into consideration that English would be a second language for many.

My personal favourites are people that respond to job ads expecting the advertiser to chase them. They say something along the lines of “Yep I want a job, so here’s my lazy link with a sloppily written, poor attempt at an intro. Now come and get me!”  Do they then sit in front of their computer screens waiting for the recruiters to hunt them down? Since when?! If you show that much laziness and lack of initiative at the outset, why would they bother?

Then there are those that get involved in discussions (which is a great thing), but their language and use of it portrays them as elitists or simply ignorant.  I’ve seen some content that perhaps with another 60 seconds of thought process, may have helped the writer to reconsider before pressing the submit button.

They’ve pounded into the discussion with their worldly opinion and a complete disregard for whomever else may be reading their thoughts. Some are out rightly rude and others teeter on the line of disparagement.  Do we need to remind people about common decency?  I would call it stupidity, but in a world of political correctness…No, it’s still stupidity!

If people are as professional as their profile leads us to believe, then why do they allow themselves to appear on discussion boards as if they would struggle to write a letter, compose an email, construct a whole sentence, or even string a few words together?

When you write comments on discussion boards, please sit back for at least 60 seconds and take another look!  Check the spelling. Read your viewpoint from the receivers’ mindsets and consider how your comments may be interpreted. Does your contribution represent yourself, your industry and your employer or business well?  Ask yourself if a potential employer or client saw this conversation, would it secure you the job or put you out the door.

You can sell yourself all you like in a carefully constructed profile, but when you jump in feet first into the discussion boards what are you telling others about your professionalism, your ethics, your personality and quite frankly your basic ability to interact with another human?  Very revealing!

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* 2012 Sources of Hire: Channels of Influence by Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler

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