Announcing “Elevate Your Business”… a new blog for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s)

The Professional Payroll Manager has created an additional blog purely for Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) Owners and Managers, called “Elevate Your Business“.

While the HR & Payroll Compliance topics covered in the blog are currently specific to the Australian market, there are a pile of links each fortnight to global thought leaders, covering topics such as:

  • personal, business and team development
  • marketing and social media
  • personal and business branding
  • service excellence
  • time management
  • sales skills
  • business writing
  • and so much more

The abundance of resources in each edition will provide more business improvement ideas than many of us would ever have the time to work through each between editions. 

Should the content prove popular with readers outside of Australia, we will be seeking contributions from our network of global subject matter experts to include HR & Payroll Compliance information for multiple countries.

If you are involved in an SME, or know someone who is, please feel free to share this blog with them so we can elevate small businesses beyond their wildest imaginations.

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