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March 16, 2012

Bringing in the WOW! Factor

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People can smell emotional commitment from a mile away. Tom Peters, Author

Compiled with edited extracts from various works of Tom Peters, as who else could describe the WOW Factor better than the man who invented the term.

The ‘WOW Factor’ is a registered trademark of the author Tom Peters, who coined the phrase some ten years ago. He came to fame as the co-author of In Search of Excellence and has since published multiple brilliant books on how to deliver ultimate customer service in all facets of business operations.

What is the WOW Factor?

  • It is that feeling where your heart races and your face smiles when you have received fantastic or even brilliant service.
  • It is when people or companies have stepped out from the crowd of look alikes and done something to make you smile!
  • When something is done or said to make you a brilliantly satisfied customer (or employee)!
  • It is when something is done to make you a devoted customer!
  • It is when something is done that you simply did not expect!

How do I get the WOW Factor happening?

  • Make the words glow, tingle, thrill, dazzle, delight and wow the primary basis for evaluating the quality of your products and services.
  • In the age of email, supercomputer power, the internet and the global village attentiveness – a token of human kindness – is the greatest gift we can give someone.
  • Obsess on the little stuff! 1000 little things are greater than one big thing
  • It is simply when you walk out as a customer and just say… WOW!

How do I get the staff customer focussed?

  • Forget barking orders.
  • Forget issuing a Customer First Vision Statement.
  • Prominently post customer statistics all over the place.
  • Distribute all good and bad customer letters to everyone.
  • Plaster pictures of customers (buyers, products, facilities, etc) all over the place.
  • Start making weekly awards for little acts of customer service heroism

If employees are inundated with practical customer information rather than vague exhortations, they won’t be able to keep their distance. They’ll begin to ‘think customer’ – and maybe even ‘dream customer’.

March 16, 2012

Are You an Achiever?

One characteristic of winners is they always look upon themselves as a do it yourself project.  Denis Waitley, American Author, Speaker & Trainer


Over achievers make up the top 4% of the population.  Studies reveal they share 10 personality traits.

  1. High Self Esteem – success is directly related to self esteem, they are confident and not easily discourage, they are determined in all aspects of business and private lives
  2. Accountability – take responsibility, don’t blame other for their failures, nor depend on others to make them happy, failures are seen as learning experiences for the future
  3. Industrious – work to achieve their goals, can have high hopes and goals, but need to work them to succeed
  4. Ambitious – ambition is stronger than skills – determination to succeed
  5. Empathy – put others needs before their own to ensure a win/win scenario.  Peak performers love to bond
  6. Goal Oriented – the driving force and the desired result of your actions
  7. Disciplined – always work harder than expected and enjoy activities that require discipline
  8. Integrity – believe in your work and are truthful in its conduct
  9. Optimism – will not quit in the face of adversity.  Learn from defeat and find lessons in even the most devastating circumstances
  10. Friendliness – ability to relate in social and business environment.  Attract a solid network of supportive friends and business partners.

EXERCISE: Read each statement and give yourself a score that is the most accurate description of yourself. 

High Self Esteem

Score 5

Score 2 more

Score 3 more

If you are proud of yourself

If you believe you can do anything

If you believe you can become a millionaire


Accept 100% Responsibility

Score 6

Score 2 more

Score 2 more

If you feel it is your job to motivate yourself

If you don’t get de-motivated by others

If you believe you can prosper in a poor economy


Top 4% Work Harder

Score 2 points each if


Work more than 8 hours per day

Take work home

Don’t talk to friends at work at all

Work while commuting

Don’t take scheduled lunch or coffee breaks


Above Average Ambition

Score 4

Score 4 more

Score 2 more

If you want to retire independently

If you want to be the No 1 in your field

If you describe yourself as wildly ambitious


High Levels of Empathy

Score 6

Score 4 more

If your clients benefit more from your sales effort than you

If you deliver far more than is required


Top 4% are Goal Oriented

Score 2 points each if

You have daily written plans

You have weekly written plans

You have monthly written plans

You have yearly written plans

You have written life time goals


High Levels of Self Discipline

Score 4

Score 2 more

Score 2 more

Score 2 more

If you exercise regularly

If you keep promises 9/10 times to yourself

If you keep promises to clients

If you do today what could be done tomorrow (pack)


Top 4% Have Strong Integrity

Score 5 points each

If you genuinely believe in your companys’ service

If you genuinely do what’s best for your client always


Are Optimists

Score 0

Score 5

Score 7

Score 10

If you are a pessimist

If you are a realist

If you are an optimist

If you are always looking for the silver lining no matter what


Make Friends Easily

Score 0

Score 3

Score 7

Score 10

If you don’t like most people

If you get along but don’t want to be friends

If you can make friends with anyone

If you cant think of anyone you hate at all





50 or below           Don’t work with any other human!

51 to 60                 Steer clear of business situations

61 to 70                 Average people skills, need constant motivational training

71 to 80                 Solid people skills – refine these skills to improve

81 to 90                 Born to be a peak performer – keep training to improve yourself

91 to 100               You are the very best, if your career isn’t on the fast track – you must have lied on your test

(This article reproduced from Community Business Institute Australia,Business Workshops)

March 16, 2012

SCORE Memphis

You couldn’t have direct deposit or online banking without the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network, the electronic system that handles millions of financial transactions in the United States every day. Unfortunately, online banking through the ACH network has generated a new cyber crime—ACH fraud, which is similar to good old-fashioned check fraud.

Payroll, which makes abundant use of the ACH network for direct deposits and other transactions, is particularly vulnerable to ACH fraud. And according to the FBI, this fraud is growing, with new victims and cases opened every week.

The new identity theft

ACH fraud exploits valid online banking credentials. It usually begins when a company employee accesses a bank’s online cash management system to initiate ACH files for direct deposit. Typically, this employee receives a “spear phishing” email that contains an infected attachment or directs her to an infected website.

Once the email recipient opens the attachment or…

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